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Range up to 169kmKraft ohne Umwege durch Direktantrieb4kg leichtUSB LadefunktionWartungsfreikeine VibrationGeräuschlosMade in EuropeRekuperationIP64 konformeinfache Montage


Heckmotor RM7.0

Our rear motor is characterized by its light weight, high range, comfortable driving experience and powerful drive.

The RM7.0 is suitable for mountain bikes and trekking bikes. The torque sensor ensures a smooth and powerful drive with almost no noise. The direct drive at the back wheel ensures low wear on the chains, cassettes and gears.

With a range of up to 169km and the three step energy recovery, this motor can be used for long distances.

With the 135mm fitment it is suitable for all standard frames and drive sets with up to 30 gears. The new CAN bus display is easy to use and has indication of the remaining range.

It is possible to modify an e-bike to individual requirements by varying the equipment.

Range with support levels

RM7.0 ranges

Guideline values under laboratory conditions: flat terrain, no headwind, approx. 20°C, high quality components, max. tyre pressure, 75kg rider's weight, correct gear & cadence, approx. 15km/h average speed



  • Motor RM7.0
  • Battery pack
  • Display
  • Charger
  • Fixings
  • Manual
RM7.0 Skizze



Downtube battery

  • 36V, 11,6Ah, 418Wh
  • 36V, 14,5Ah, 522Wh
  • 36V, 16Ah, 576Wh
  • 36V, 17,5Ah, 630Wh
E-Bike Unterrohrakku

Rack mounted battery

  • 36V, 14Ah, 504 Wh
E-Bike Gepäckträger-Akku

Customer specific solutions

downtube integrated battery packs
30-40 cells, type 18650/21700
36V, max. 630Wh

  • 36V, 9Ah, 324Wh
  • 36V, 11.6Ah, 418Wh
  • 36V, 13.4Ah, 483Wh
specific frame integrated battery packs



Can BUS display

  • 5 support levels
  • 3 recuperation levels
  • Permanent indication of remaining range
  • Performance indication
  • 6 standard functions
CAN Display

Teasi Volt

  • Operate and navigation system


Teasi Volt