ANSMANN ENERGY - Bat­tery packs, bat­ter­ies, charg­ers and power sup­plies for every device and application

EVERYTHING FROM ONE SOURCE - From development to distribution

As a system supplier of motors and drive sets ANSMANN not only provides its customers with standard but also with customized solutions.

ANSMANN products meet all relevant quality standards. With development facilities located in Germany and China, the proximity to our customers’ worldwide means it is
easy to be more involved in the development of customer specific motors and battery packs.

Design, construction and tooling of customer specific solutions are ANSMANN’s key areas of expertise.

Our battery packs are manufactured in Germany and China. Therefore ANSMANN is able to guarantee maximum availability, quality as well as flexibility.

As a result of production in our own factories, any battery pack assembly is possible. We develop and produce complex battery packs with individual safety circuits
and suitable battery management for all applications.

Our battery pack manufacturing is certified to DIN ISO 13485 for medical applications. Custom solutions of the motor - like housing, colour or performance are also

Lithium packs are approved for transport only after evidence is provided that they successfully pass the UN transport regulation’s test which is performed in our own
UN test centre.

Our modern logistic centres in Europe, Asia and USA ensure optimal supply availability worldwide.


Front motor FM4.1


Rear motor RM5.1


Rear motor RM7.0
FM4.1 RM5.1 RM7.0
DriveFRONT motorREAR motorREAR direct drive
Weight, diameter 1.8 kg, 120mm ⌀ 2 kg, 120mm ⌀ 4 kg, 222mm ⌀
Range up to 130km up to 130km up to 169km
Efficiency high high high
Torque 30Nm 30Nm 42Nm
Features Smooth start up
Inconspicuous, light and small
Almost silent and vibration free
Back-pedal break compatible
Drivertrain up to 30 gears
Smooth start up,
inconspicuous, light and small
Almost silent and vibration free
Drivertrain up to 30 gears
For 8-11 cassettes
Energy recovery
Very powerful
Comfortable drive
Drivetrain up to 30 gears
Minimal wear
Ideal for
City, trekking and folding bikes Trekking, mountain and city bikes Trekking, mountain and courier bikes